Monday, December 31, 2007

The Pickup

Part 2 has begun, y'all. IT'S ON!!!

Image:Emoto Water Crystal created for Global Love Day 2007
It's the dawn before Art Day 1, Morning.

As if 400 tiles weren't enough of a gift, our daring Patronesa of Masonite has gifted us an additional box of gessoed possibility. The Linguist is making plans to sweep them up. Off their feet and into our collective bosom. We've decided we will be dropping these gifts like crumbs along a trail. Will be asking the world around us to devour these crumbs, and still make it possible for us to find our ways home. There have been peeps of silver ink poking through words in our conversation. Rubber stamps. Postage. Journeys. Evidence that we have been there. And witnessed each other. A gessoed crumb. Waiting for your fingertips.

~The Conceptualist

Good Glory it's almost morning!

The sun is 'bout to rise, y'all. Tomorrow. Morning. Day one. First day birth day new day. Hmm. Dawn. So this morning I'm thinking about resolve, the whole new years thing. Thinking about Pënz and about the wild reality that this project hasn't even started officially yet each new day so far it brings a ridiculous load of blessings and gifts.

There's a crack in the earth that's saying "yes". "Yes!" There's a quaking under the feet, and the subsequent feeling of slight instability. The thing about the sun is that it's so damned bright it burns the eyes. After a while, a body is afraid to look up. Afraid of the weight and implication of every bit of goodness and blessing. Each correct step feels a bit off even. Correct? Right? Good? I must be going the wrong way, get the map.

Ah, but no. Nyet. Nah, B. In that burning is strength, power. It's hot to hold to remind us. When Ana's Drum says to her Poem, "But, haven't you killed?" it's a reminder, an accountability for the power we can't act like doesn't exist because that's far too irresponsible. Ya got the sun in your hand, kid, Ouch says, whatchu gon' do?

Sunday, December 30, 2007

ScryptKeeper: Pënz (it's pronounced pants) is born.

the cross-fade.
(what'd she say, nah?)

ScryptKeeper: Pënz (it's pronounced pants) is born.

Anybody got some blackberries?

oops i was supposed to bring the berries again wasn't i.

ahh well. yummm...

2 days 'til morning.
anticipating the sunrise.

Where are the crepes?

Where are the crepes? Morning is nearing and gravity is changing. Solar time will be no more. Only art time.....

Saturday, December 29, 2007

I think I'm picking up what you're puttin' down there Conceptualizer.

Gettin' down with what time it is.
I can smell the blueberries burning. It must be almost morning, nah?

The Penz Calendar

And then there was the calendar.

What happens when you make time expand? Or lead it to take the shape of your dreams? What if you've committed your days to the moon?

Introducing the Art Year.

1 Art Day is composed of 4 Lunar Days = Morning, Noon, Twilight, Night
1 Art Month is a total 7 Art Days, which is 28 Lunar Days
1 Art Year is made up of 13 Art Months, which is 366 Lunar Days

There are no Weeks.

You follow?

An Art Year, built on an egg shaped table

So, the calendar. Let's talk about the Penz-year to come and where the calendars meet.

Soon come.

For now, the architecture of the beginning...

This is where we begin

The Materialist was grazing. Looking for new landscapes - a shade pastoral. She received a message, forwarded it to the others: The Linguist, The Feeler and The Conceptualist. The Feeler made the connection. The Linguist called forth the people. The Conceptualist cooked crepes. They met for hours a circle around the table.

Anyone in Austin interested in doing an oil painting-a-day for a year?

Reply to:
Date: 2007-12-20, 1:48PM

Do you have any interest in doing a small painting (3"x5") a day for the next year?
Are you willing to start a blog to document it? ( is free and easy)
Do you live in the Austin area?
I have a box containing 400+ pieces of 3"x5", pre-gessoed, ready to paint on masonite.
I'm willing to give it to a person willing to swear to take up this challenge, who is willing to send me to either a link of their work online or jpegs of some of their paintings, who could meet me somewhere in Austin to pick up the box.
I WILL NOT SHIP THIS BOX. It's too damn heavy.
I do not want any of your paintings. I do not want any money.
I just want to see someone up and painting this year.
New Years is coming up. Are you ready for a painting resolution/revolution?

  • Location: Austin
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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