Monday, October 6, 2008


Arepita de yucca a.k.a. yucca latkes

see your yucca
touch your yucca
break it open
take it home

grate your yucca
touch your yucca
watch it flake off your fingers

anise (not the star kind but the kind that comes in the mix you put in your mouth at the end of dinner)
one, maybe two eggs for glue

mix by hand

take a ball of mix and fit it in your palm until it looks like a drop of rain

heat oil - vegetable or peanut or coconut, but not olive, let it get really hot then turn the heat down a little so your rain drops won't burn

place, gently, the rain drop of yucca in the oil and cook
until golden
until they look to good to pass up
until you just can't take it anymore

when they're ready, you'll be able to take them out and place them on a paper-towel (or paper bag, or napkin, or...) to cool

Eat. With your hands, preferably.

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