Sunday, April 20, 2008

thoughts upon waking....

so, i've always had this dream to be a mermaid. but not just any mermaid. a magical one, that would be human when i wanted, and mermaid when i was near water and CHOSE to show my fishy self. pretty magical, right?
Anyway, so while looking at mermaid pictures online this morning, i realized that mermaids wouldn't be so beautiful in real life. they are always portrayed as these thin, beautiful white women, with long, luxourius hair, and fair, smooth skin....

In reality, they've been swimmin around in sea water their whole lives. sea water full of fish poop. I imagine, if i came upon a mermaid while walking along the beach at 6am, it would be the scariest thing ever. She would have pale, nearly transparent skin. her hair would be completely tangled around her body, because, ya know, shes been swimming around with it for like 20 years.
she would be tiny, more like gnome sized. her eyes would be huge, and vacant. her nose would be flat, and gill like. or she would have a giant hole on her head/back. her teeth would be jagged. her fingers would be webbed. and she'd probably be so busy ripping into the fleshy part of some crab she just caught, that she wouldn't even notice me.
she wouldnt sing to me, take me on a magical trip to the depths of the ocean to show me her mer-city. no.....
she'd just be gross.

sometimes it's sad growing up and coming to these realizations.

Have a great Sunday, everybody!


ScryptKeeper said...

wow. word. wow. good f'ing morning, morning! yeah. mmm-hmmm. wow. yeah.

awakening is a sumbitch for reals too. fabulously hilarious sometimes. but a sumbitch too.

misticgoddess said...

You know, my favorite mythical creature was always the Merwoman...and you just killed my dreams of being reincarnated as one with that post.

But you're probably right. {sigh}

I'm still going to sing "Part of Your World" at the top of my voice.