Sunday, July 27, 2008

Edgar is a Liar

But he swears he made this video.

Liar. It was a vidresponse to this one by Gore.

But um ... yeah. So I was talking to my BFF in LA and she was all: "Yeah girl I finally made it to the beach last week. It's wild cuz it was the first time I'd been to the beach and normally I would have been to the beach a million times by this late in the summer. It's just really not been very warm here this summer. It was like 100 degrees all during the spring, but the summer ..."

Edgar says, "Hey. We been all over the damned country this summer (Sorry, Dakotas. next time.) and it's like the climate change shit is everywhere evidenced. Maybe it'll break into Night more. But Night is kind of a pussy so ... Yeah Night! Stay your ass in that gym so you can outrun them tsunami waves! Pussy."

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