Wednesday, August 20, 2008

as we emerge from the water....

Remember CREATION takes place in four steps, using the four elements. The idea or air ~ that was May and June. The vision, inspiration or fire ~ that's what's been happening for a while ~ Pluto in Sadge. The emotions or water ~ that was July and August. Now we get to the earth part. You've been creating for a while. Pluto is about to get out of Sadge and move into Earth. The time ahead is your opportunity to create the next chapter of your life. And the time right now is to say so long, farewell to the last chapter of your life. Hug it, kiss it, give it a back rub, boil water for tea and break out the cookies. That last chapter was SO important to who you are and where you are going. Love it for the contribution it made to your life. It was incredibly profound.

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ScryptKeeper said...

Nice ... thanks Anne Ortlee!
Thanks Materialist!