Monday, August 25, 2008

worms are so freakin cute


ScryptKeeper said...

um. why do i always imagine eating them. and how gross that would be. ew. like, did i DO that as a kid? ew. kids are weird...ew.

(of course, now i'm giggling and thinking of worms so once again you've succeeded!)

bluemorpho said...

for a split second on first viewing, i saw a beautiful piece of jewelry in place of your earthworm. what would be those colors? i thought of alabaster, all those warm yellow veins, but what would be the red? yes! google says peach alabaster in the rough! i would wear your earthworm if i could get him to pose for a likeness in peach alabaster.

(to dig my herb garden, my sister and i set aside every earthworm and sprinkled them on top. we were all pleased).