Tuesday, January 8, 2008

also from thecosmicpath.com because I couldn't resist..........and because i LOVE Anne Ortelee!!!

What you partner with, especially with Venus involved, especially when she is in fiery, changeful, expansive Sagittarius, you create! What do you want to partner with as Juno in Sagittarius invites you to partner with your fire, your spark, your passion, your vision of your life? What do you want to create? As Venus joins with Juno, the asteroid of partnerships, they EACH start a new cycle of creative partnerships! Off you go into your future. What can you commit to Venus and Juno (and maybe ask a friend or three to hold you accountable, laugh and play with) to do each and every day, to partner with, to co-create your future? It doesn’t have to be big ~ it has to be about creation. Creating the new in your life. Creation is about making something. My dictionary says Creation is 1. the bringing of something into existence; 2. earth and its inhabitants: the world and everything on it; 3. something created by somebody: a product of human imagination or invention. You create your life anew every day when the sun rises again in the east! You are part of Creation! Create!

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