Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The People Speak

First - Mercury, the Venus...

From The Cosmic Path (thecosmicpath.com):

First up, Mercury moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius on Monday. Expect brilliant ideas and fascinating things to arrive on your doorstep, mail box, inbox, email account and phone message box now that Mercury’s moved into Aquarius. FOLLOW UP!!! Or initiate! Or do something! This is a terrrrriiiiffic week to launch new stuff! Yes, launch even if Mars is retrograde ~ the new stuff is going to evolve like the rest of your life does. Just get it out into the world! ~ Retrogrades are part of life too! At least get a working prototype out to the world. Go for it! Label it a draft so you can revise it down the road when you want to!

Second, Venus joins with Juno, suggesting new partnerships start with things that are profitable, helping you grow, evolve or change. You are not your mother, your father, your family or your past. You are your current YOU ~ whatever you’ve grown to become! What are you? Who are you? I received an interesting email from two very creative friends, Wura and Ana, who wrote of watching a movie where one of the characters asks: why are we so afraid to try new things? Every day when we wake up we experience a new morning, it's never the same, it's always a first, and we're not afraid of morning. So they and two other artists began the year with the creation of a new calendar which complements their project of making art for 366 days ~ a painting or sculpture or writing or whatever new wants to emerge. Each of the four artists is taking the quadrant of the day they Love the most and blogging about their creative process. Read more about their project and the things they create at http://penzitspronouncedpants.blogspot.com/

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