Saturday, March 15, 2008

Art Day 19, Twilight


Art Day 19, Twilight
The Conceptualist


k. terumi shorb said...

there's this furniture artist--i can't recall his name--who does lots of conceptual stuff. anyway. most of his work is a bit "too much," but he has this one piece that i love. it's basically a shaker-style wardrobe, done in cherry or walnut or some such lovely wood. beautifully finished to a sheen. wonderful lines, great proportions. and then, he nailed a huge three-inch rusty nail just left of center. the nail turned it from "furniture" to "art." this piece really reminds me of that.

ScryptKeeper said...

thats one of the awesomest comments ive ever seen!!! and this piece is fierce as hell too!!!!