Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Somehow, still, the kitten steals the show

Okay Pënz wearers, now I know Pënz has been slipping a bit lately. We're coming up on the equinox. We're dealing with radical shifts in time both false and true. We are black women artists in the world and we're mad late with a new poll question (we welcome your questions at penz2813 at gmail dot com.

Hell, I, Night, Linguist, Samiya, Scryptkeeper, whosoever I be in this moment, completely forgot to post my Pënz on Sunday. Yep. I know it. It's kind of freaked me out. It's a little like leap year -- where the hell did that day go / come from?

So, in the spirit of Bruce Lee (thanks Sharon), in the spirit of the kitten in the pickcha, more specifically (see above) Night 19 & Night 20 will duke it out in an epic adolescent battle of wills and might, of right and white and brown on rice.
  • 2 days hence Night will battle for the justice of the Art Day.
  • In a couple dozen hours Night, my Night, your Night -- will fight for the coming fullness of the moon.
  • On somebody's Thursday at somebody's time, in the deep darkness of this, our 20th Art Day's Night, we will fight for the saintliness of rain.
  • Night will fight for the holiness of holy week and the unholiness of its followers and nonfollowers.
  • Night will fight for its sins, and for yours.

Night will fight Night for redemption.

Also, there may be no fight at all. Night, after all, is rather nonviolent. So there may be some sort of rose sniffing distraction going on. But don't get distracted. Hell. Night will be sniffing that rose ... for you.

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