Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Starbucks Dragon Slain!

Dateline: Twilight 18 (grown enuf to vote. grown enuf to fight/die/sacrifice self at altar of imperialism.) -- Finally giving up on lazy, bandy-azz Starbucks habit slyly developing in Austin. It's drive-thru.

It's easy. There even offer "faire maidens" (cuz it's kinda like that) who put honey in your coffee and smile at you in the early light. But its all a crock! Yes, we know. Drive thru is the kiss of death. Easy is sometimes synonymous with lame.

This early morning Twilight finds me having had enough of a great many things. Lazy, bandy habits find themselves (once again) atop the list. We're kinda grown already this Art Year, thank you Pënz (Happy 18th!). So, as Night fast approaches i'ma pull out my dancing shoes an' ack like it.

Plus, the first spot we went, our first morning in town, apparently has the best cupajoe in town so ...

p.s. A note to "faire maidens": I put my own honey in rather deliciously akchully. woo hoo.

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