Wednesday, September 24, 2008



Mercury stations to go retrograde. We now enter a period of “re” words. Any word with a “re” you can and should do. It also is going to be a rocking and rolling Mercury retrograde as his ruler is in Scorpio pushing his insights and depths ever higher and deeper and further down and broader. Pay attention to the ghosts from your past that surface over the next few weeks while Mercury is retrograde. They are going to be BIG ghosts! Venus has an aspect of brilliance to Jupiter so act on that inspired idea that comes flying by your ear on the drive home or over dinner with someone you love. The hammer of Thor with the vision thing is banging away. So if your entire life is up for changes, what part would you want to hang on to? Vision it! Sun’s aspect to Chiron suggests you need to speak about what your truth is, hard as that may be. You will have the opportunity to speak your truth. Make sure to take it. And then, as Mercury IS stopped, have them repeat back to you what you said! Take no chances and double check communications. (from

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