Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ah Beautiful Morning

The night bows its welcome.
Thanks you for laying this groove.
I am Samiya.
I am called the Linguist.
I am thought to be the Night.
I have much to say but sit now working on patience. Working on clear and easy breath. Hands beneath glutes to stay steady, wait to see what is about to come. Things are already coming. Woo wee.

You'd think I get to rest, since there are 3/4 of the day to go until my time arrives. But no. No rest at all, none for the night especially. It's time to push through the work-a-days, then work through night, while other folks sleep. I think that's how I like it. But right now, there's something about the morning that sits me up, hands beneath glutes, to take notice. Ahhhh.

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