Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Decisions, decisions....

So, while eating 6 slices of pepperoni pizza yesterday (yeah, I know, I can pack it away) I realized that though my mouth may like the greasy, cheesy goodness that is known as Lil' Ceasers (yeah, i know, GROSS!), my stomach probably does not. So after deciding to stop eating pizza for a while (or atleast cut back to 2 slices!), I also chose to educate myself on the magical food that brings so many together, pizza
---Warning! This may make your mouth water! This may make you want melted cheese dribbled into your mouth by your lover! This may cause you to ravenously crave bread covered in marinara!---

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Ana-Maurine Lara said...

the ingredients of the pizza and when they reached Italy:

crust/pasta flour: Northern China, 14th century

tomatoes: Americas, 16th centuries

Basil: India/Iran, ??

Garlic: Central Asia, 3000 BC