Monday, February 18, 2008

The lunar eclipse is a leaving energy. We humans don’t like the leaving energies so much. We are a bit resistant to change, especially changes we didn’t or don’t want. The solar eclipse two weeks ago was a new beginning energy that preceded the leaving energy. So many facets of your life are changing. The leaving parts make room for the new parts to arrive. Right now, or actually toward the end of the week, it will probably hurt quite a bit. Birth is not an easy process. You are giving birth to a new chapter in your life. Be grateful for where you are. Alive on this glorious planet of blue, green, brown, and all the colors of the rainbow. Exalt in the pain ~ it there is any ~ it proves you are alive, feeling and that you care. Exalt in the joy, fear, happiness, anxiety and evolutionary process before you as they prove you are alive, feeling and that you care. You care deeply. That is why this might hurt so much. And no, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care again. It means you must honor the role of caring in your life. As the Tin Man said, “I know I have a heart because it is breaking!”

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