Thursday, February 14, 2008


Ok, so Pënz is not normally a celebrator of corporate greed and its related Latin American devastation or anything, but this was one of those Mornings.

Plus, this particular "hotspot" kinda lives up to its name and has a disproportionate amount of cuties, especially the one who saved me from a morning of sheer Starbuckian terror. Let's call her Indiana Jones.

Also, it was joyous how much they were, where appropriate, downright giddy at
the prospect of Penz and being gifted with the tiles!

All right, Sisters. May the Penz be with you.

Send 'em in!! We can't wait.

--Penz (Invading Corporate America Pied_Piper-like Since Art Year 1)

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cheryl said...

um. yeah, i had one of those moments yesterday. of course, if i were home i'd just head to an indie coffehouse like clementine but i was too latte-deprived to even think about where to get a soy latte in the middle of a barcelona sunday afternoon when almost everything is closed and i needed a fix. cheers.