Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mercury in Aquarius

Tuesday, Sun joins with Chiron to start a New Year long cycle around healing energies and creations. The Sun and Chiron’s marriage or union takes place on the world axis so there is a VERY public quality about it. Mercury is quite active as he joins with Juno by declination and sextiles Juno by zodiac degree at the degree of the eclipse in a few days. Partnership issues are paramount. What you connect with you create. What is your vision and how are you moving toward it? Remember Mercury, while still retrograde, is brilliant in Aquarius. So watch for new awakenings, offers and ideas placed before you ~ they have a quality of numinous inspiration. Gaze at them and see what you see.

--Anne Ortelee, thecosmicpath.com

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ScryptKeeper said...

Freakin' Fascinatin'!
What a Super Tuesday prognosis!!